What is hair porosity?

Hair porosity is often found in curly hair, and just like no two curl patterns can be the same, you need to properly understand the different levels of the porosity that can be found in your own hair. This surely is the first and the most important step that you need to follow in order properly manage your hair and take care of it.

The hair porosity basically means the ability of your hair to absorb or retain the moisture that they are encountered with.

The low porosity hair means that they cannot absorb much moisture. There surely are three main ways that can help you to identify the level of porosity in your hair. These methods are mentioned here.

  • The strand test
  • The shedding hair test
  • The H20 Test

hair porosity

The different porosity levels

There basically are three main levels of determining the porosity in the curly hair low, normal and high. We have mentioned some of the basic characteristics of each of them in order to offer you a better and broader understanding of the whole concept.

Low porosity curly hair

  • One of the important signs of low porosity hair is that your curls will take more time to dry.
  • The product that you use on your hair tends to build on the curl itself rather than being absorbed by the hair.
  • If you happen to use natural oils on the curly hair with low porosity, it will rather sit on your hair instead of penetrating readily inside your scalp or hair.
  • After your curls have been completely wet, it will take a longer period of time to reach the full saturation state.

Normal porosity curly hair

  • These kinds of curls will be full of elasticity and bounce and will be easily identified form their own texture.
  • This kind of hair requires to be maintained very less.
  • The cuticle will easily be able to absorb and retain the moisture according to the need of the hair.
  • These kinds of hair are known to hold off any kind of hairstyle easily and are also known to show great results after coloring.

High porosity curly hair

  • The curls that happen to have the high level of porosity are known to dry easily and quickly without any extra efforts.
  • These curls are often found to be frizzier if compared to the other kinds.
  • Also, you will find out that the high porosity curly hair looks drier and have a rough kind of texture.
  • These kinds of hair also happen to absorb the moisture easily even when not required.
  • Also, you will have to use more products for the proper maintenance of these curls.

Performing any of the above-mentioned tests is the easiest way about how to tell if hair is porous. Also, if you are suffering from high or low porosity of your hair, there are a huge number of remedies that you can go for.