trying out shorter hair

Three creative ways to make long hair look short

Sometimes we just wish to get rid of our long hair because of many reasons like we just got bored or any such thing. But we are just afraid to go under the scissors. There are many threats that come to our mind like what if the stylish end up cutting length of your hair or you might turn up to be a subject of mockery in front of your friends or many such things.

Even after all these thoughts, the craze of trying out shorter hair does not fade out. For this kind of problem for yours, we have got the right kind of solution. In this article, we are going to mention some of the tricks that you can use to make your hair look shorter without cutting it. All you have to do is to follow up these steps that are mentioned.

long hair look short

Go for the curls

Curly hair surely has the reputation of making the hair look shorter without actually making them even lose a single inch of its original length. The best way to get those perfect cute curls is by using the curlers. If you go to use the heat rollers that might end up causing any damage to your hair and that is why those should be avoided for use. All you have to do is to wash your hair first and then use the curlers. This will give you your favorite hairstyle.

The demi Lovato hairstyle

If you wish to flaunt a bob hairstyle, you can easily get to do it without cutting your hair even a little bit. This is one of the most used and trending methods used to make long hair short without cutting.

All you have to do is, to begin with applying the shine serum on your hair; this will make all the flyaway fade away. After that, you need to take the upper half and make it stay using the clips. You can shorten the length of your lower section f hair by using the bobby pins. Make sure to use the pins accurately to fix the ends and make your new hairstyle stay in place.

The half bun style

This surely is one of the fastest as well as the simplest technique that you can use to create the illusion of shorter hair. All you will have to do is to do is to tie the upper half of your hair in an incomplete half bun. The rest of the hair must be left loose over your shoulders. This is one of the highly used methods and is on trend nowadays. Even a lot of celebrities happen to go for this hairstyle.

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to make long hair look short and curly. Also, it is necessary for you to properly take care of your hair and feed them with the daily nourishment that they require for better growth and the shiny texture.