The basic guide: Myths about Eyelash Growth

A huge number of people believe that eyes are the mirror to someone’s soul and it can easily give you an idea about what is the person going through. Women surely spend a lot of time on their eyes in order to make sure that it looks great and also some of them are using false lashes to fake thicker eyelashes. A huge number of women are even spending hours on the internet to search for the ways that will help them grow natural eyelashes.

But not everything that you read on the internet is true. Some of the basic myths that are circulating on the internet are mentioned down below. You can have a look at it to get to know about the reality and avoid using any of these mentioned techniques.

Using Vaseline on the eye lashes

This one surely is commonly believed myth that people come to know about. But the answer to the question does Vaseline help your eyelashes grow is a big no.

Petroleum jelly contains large molecules that cannot even penetrate your skin leave alone the follicle of your hair. Vaseline will surely not help you to stimulate the growth of your eyelash hair, and this step is not at all useful.

Also, using Vaseline around your sensitive skin area can cause some kind of harm to your eyes this is the reason that all the beauty therapists and doctors ask you not to try this step.

Using natural oils to your lashes

Another myth that people believe in is that using the natural oils and coconut oils will miraculously help in increasing the growth of your eyelashes. But this surely is not the truth. Unlike the Vaseline jelly, these oils can easily penetrate deep in your skin because of the smaller molecular size that it has. But there are no clinical pieces of evidence to be found that it is beneficial to use coconut oil for eyelash growth. It will only make your eyelash look shiny and glossy and will create an illusion instead of actually showing any kind of effect.

make your eyelashes grow

Regularly brush your hair

It is believed that combing or brushing your hair in the upward direction will create an illusion and will surely make it look a little bit fuller as well as neater and sometimes even longer. But you need to be clear not to overdo it, as you might end up pulling your eyelash hair.

Also, you need to know that constantly brushing your hair might cause some kind of damage to your hair shaft which is no good thing. That is why you need to avoid it and must save your eyelashes.

It is clear that like you cannot increase your height you certainly cannot make your eyelashes grow. Be sure to avoid using any of these steps that are mentioned above. If you still wish for fuller eyelashes, it is better to fake it as there is no other option left for you.