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Wyoming Toad

A career in hairdressing is exciting as it is. Add the fact that it is a profession recognized all over the world (and therefore gives you many opportunities to work and be known in any or every part of the globe) and you will realize that you are in for a great career ride if you choose a hairdressing course. Wyoming Toad gives you all the training you need to start a successful career in hairdressing.

Course Outline

On scalp full head and retouch blonding services

Client consultation
Consultation techniques
Client consultation
Lightening products
Workplace safety
Material Safety Data Sheets
Processing times
Lightening stages
Heat acceleration
Toning products

Solve complex colour problems

Consultation and communication
Performing colour correction
Evidence of colour correction work
Advanced product knowledge
Evidence of current technical knowledge
Salon technician
Technical information sheets
Colleague verification

Design and perform creative haircuts

Client consultation
The consultation
Personal repertoire
Style file
Tools and techniques
Seminar savvy
Design and direction
Safety and hygiene
Detective work
Customer service
Personal reflection
Gift with purchase

Design and apply long hair design finishes

Consultation questions
Long hair styling
Task 2 Equipment & product checklist
Task 3 Product company training
Style autopsy

Work as a session stylist

Session styling
The team
The brief
The brief
Fashion Parades
Look and learn
Research and learn
Hairdressing presentations
Oral presentation
Safety checks
Hairdressing presentation

Coordinate work teams and Maintain store safety

Leading and coaching
Vision statement
Staff induction
Monitoring and organising staffing levels
Coordination plan

Career Prospects

Many individuals rely on hairdressers, whether it is for simple grooming needs or to look their best in the workplace or during events. Appearance and style are quite important in today’s society so you can expect that skilled hairdressers can find many avenues to begin their careers.

They also enjoy a high-paying profession that lets them use both their skill and creativity to make people look and feel their best. Moreover, hairdressers are able to expand their social circles as they can get to meet new clients on a regular basis.

There are a lot of guides for the any kind of hairstyle, whether you want to do a low braided bun, nor a pixie cut, but only professional education can provide you with knowledge for a good career at the future.

At Wyoming Toad, we will equip you to become a sought-after hairdresser for special occasions and for the media appearances as well as train you in responsibilities expected of a hair salon manager or owner. If you wish to join this glamorous industry, contact Wyoming Toad now and ask about our hairdressing course!